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Trust Yourself

Only you know yourself at your deepest level.

Have you ever had a feeling that something was wrong without any reason or evidence? Have you ever been told to ‘trust your gut’ or ‘listen to your conscience’?

I have learned that if sometimes doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t, and usually your first impression and feelings are right. But we talk ourselves away from that nagging feeling, we trust the advice of others, or listen to the messaging and conditioning we’ve received through our cultures, our communities, or our religious and political leaders.

I’ve made myself small and insignificant and convinced myself that others knew more than me, had more knowledge, wisdom, or life experience and then listened to them instead of myself.

Looking back on my life there were many times I felt uncomfortable, unsure, or confused. I stayed in situations that were difficult and even harmful much longer than I should. I passed opportunities to connect to a friend. I ignored a nagging feeling, made excuses for feeling uncomfortable, and trusted the words and advice of others over my own intuition.

I’m learning to trust myself first. I’m learning to listen to the messages my body gives me.

There are many intelligent, experienced, incredible humans in the world, but none of them know me and what’s best for me better than I do. I am the ultimate expert on me. I listen to my body, I explore the uncomfortable feelings. Sometimes something is uncomfortable not because it is wrong, but because of something we have been taught or been exposed to in the past. I like to ask myself a lot of why’s. Why might this give me a heavy feeling? Why am I afraid? Has anything in my past influenced this emotion?

Trusting yourself takes practice. It takes time and making lots of mistakes to sort out the messages your body gives. Learning to trust myself has given me a confidence and ownership in my life that I wouldn’t trade away.

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