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Be your own hero

Updated: Mar 25, 2022


My husband one of my best friends. He loves me, supports me, and I love talking to him and spending time with him. We have a great life together. It’s a life I never thought was a reality for me. Sometimes I tell him that he is my hero and he saved me from a life of difficulty and has made all my dreams come true. He loves to hear that ;)

There was a night I was standing in the shower, reliving and processing some pain from my first marriage. It felt all-encompassing and powerful. Then I realized…. My new husband is not the hero of my story. I am. If it weren’t for me and my own actions and decisions, I would not have this life! I wouldn’t be married to my best friend living my dreams. I made the difficult and painful decision of divorce. It wasn’t easy. I decided to start again. I started dating. I found a guy I chose to love. I worked through therapy. I signed up for a life coach program. I started a business.

I have learned that only I create my reality. I can be my own hero! How empowering is that? No one can stop you or hold you back, and no one can save you and give you the life you want. Only you!

What life do you want? Look around and take action. Be your own hero.


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