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Celebrate Imperfection

It seems natural for us as humans to strive and seek for perfection. Advertising, social media, and movies and television feed this desire for flawless skin, impeccable decorating, toned bodies, glamorous vacations, and model relationships. We feel pressure to be perfect parents, employees, and friends. We see celebrities with smooth faces no matter their age, and homes that never seem to have dust, fingerprints, stains, or clutter.

Seeking and striving for this perfections has been a source of shame and stress for me. I just never seem to be enough with my cellulite, wrinkles, mismatched towels, my disorganized junk drawer and linen closet, and feeling like I’m failing as a parent.

Nothing is life is perfect though! No matter how ideal things may appear in images, remember they are an illusion. As I’ve come to realize this, and know that perfection is fantasy and not achievable, I’ve been able to Celebrate Imperfection. I’m embracing the natural aging of my body and greying of my hair. I celebrate the kitty paw prints on my windows as proof of the joy of having an animal to care for and love. The mismatched dishes and utensils in my kitchen are reminders of our past. Life does not have to be perfect to be beautiful.

As I celebrate imperfection I feel less need to buy things I don’t need, feel stressed about the present, and shame about my shortcomings. I feel peace in my reality, and know I am doing my best. I love myself, I love my home, and let the little things I can’t control go.

This month, look around your spaces and your life. See the imperfections and celebrate them with love and acceptance. I hope this will allow you to be more present and enjoy this season of love with connection and peace.

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