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Love it all...

Updated: Mar 25, 2022


Have you ever heard, 'in order to be truly happy you must learn to love yourself'? Well, I have. For a very long time, I did not love myself. I tried to, I really did! I just couldn’t figure out how to do it. I loved some of me, but I wasn’t always nice to myself. I was very critical about the parts of me that I didn’t like. I had a very long list of things that were wrong with me. Parts of my appearance, my personality, the mistakes I made. So many of the labels I gave myself, I was ashamed of and labeled as bad, ugly, and wrong. In some ways I hated myself. I really did want to love myself and I read tips and listened to experts. It has taken years but I finally figured it out! Do you know how I have learned to love myself? Instead of trying to change the things I tried to hide from myself and the world, I embraced and accepted them. I am not perfect, and all the parts of me make me complete, not just the good parts I’m proud to show off, but the messy parts, the embarrassing parts, and the not so pretty parts. Sometimes I am amazing, and sometimes I’m not. I’m OK with that! We are all a mess, and we are all incredible. LOVE IT ALL! This is the way I have learned to love myself. I thought that accepting the parts of me I didn’t like would make them stronger, but the opposite is true… When I accept and love all of myself and no longer feel the shame of needing to be better….I become better. Kinder, more compassionate, more patient, and more loving… to me... and then it spreads to others. This month write out all the pieces that make you...the parts you're proud of and the parts you’re not…. then choose… to LOVE IT ALL!

Love yourself first, then loving others becomes easy. Love can change the world, so start with yourself. Remember that candles make wonderful gifts and all full-sized candles have inspirational message coasters to spread joy, self-love, and tips to help be your best self.


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