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Look for the Positive


Have you noticed that you can literally look at anything, anyone, or any situation, and find something wrong? It’s so easy!

The kids are always slamming doors!

I’m the only one who cleans up around here!

Too much jiggle on my body!

My house isn’t as beautiful as those other women on Instagram…

My coworker is so negative!

The more you look, the easier it is to find evidence that something is wrong… in yourself, your kids, your husband, job, life!

But guess what! You really can find something RIGHT in almost everything, everyone, and every situation.

The kids are full of life!

I love showing pride and taking care of my home!

My body is serving me exactly as it is!

I have a beautiful home that shelters us and does exactly what it’s supposed to!

My co-worker is doing her best!

Look at something you’ve been looking at negatively….now find any small part that you can find good in...and keep looking! Pretty soon your whole perspective and your whole life can change.

Along with looking for the positive I hope you take time for yourself... give yourself grace and compassion… and enjoy a candle!

P.S. If you haven’t subscribed for your candle subscription...why not? Now is the perfect time to treat yourself :)


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