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Collect Beautiful Moments

Updated: Mar 25, 2022


I’ve decided that life is just a collection of moments. Sad moments, moments of clarity, anger, frustration, elation, joy, confusion, sorrow. When I was a junior in high school, I remember my English teacher held class outside one spring day. It was quite the treat to leave the classroom and escape to the great outdoors. We sat in the grass under a large leafy tree in the sunshine. My teacher taught me and my classmates a powerful tool that day. He taught me how to experience a moment. We experienced the moment in our senses; what did we see? Hear? Smell? Feel? What did the sunshine feel like? Or the breeze? Were birds chirping? Cars driving by? What did the grass feel like under us? I remember that day more than 25 years later, I remember how to collect a moment, hold it close, and remember it.

My life is a constant turmoil of ups and downs, gains and losses, successes and failures. But there are moments of breathtaking beauty, peace, and goodness. I hold onto these moments and they carry me through when life feels overwhelming. When I find myself in a moment that all at once everything is right, I remember what my high school teacher taught me. I capture it with my senses and collect it to recall at a later date.

Let me tell you some of the beautiful life moments I have captured recently.

  • New Years Eve 2021: My husband, two youngest daughters and I playing games for hours waiting for the new year to arrive; salty chips, warm home, cat playing with shadows, laughter.

  • Walking in our neighborhood on a summer evening: storm clouds rolling in, a slight crispness in the air, the smell of coming rain, my daughters holding hands.

  • Sitting on a retaining wall with my husband: head on his shoulder, watching the twinkling of city lights below us, forgetting my worries and realizing that at this moment all is right.

  • Barbecuing in the backyard, dancing to music, knowing I have all that I need.

I find that living in moments helps me appreciate the good ones, and realize the difficult ones will pass. This month look for the beautiful moments, capture them, collect them, and keep them. Life is a beautiful precious journey.

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