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Gratitude Attitude

Updated: Mar 25, 2022


I find it interesting that having an 'Attitude' is considered a negative character portrayal. This month I decided that we are going to practice having attitude! Gratitude Attitude! Studies show that practicing gratitude can actually make you happier. Looking for things to be grateful for forces you to see things in a new light, with different perspective. I love life! I love being alive! I love experiencing all that life has to offer. I love savoring moments of goodness and joy I find in life. Sometimes these are just moments... a moment of awe at a beautiful sky. The realization that right at this moment, everything is good. I have all I need. Knowing that my children are safe, tucked in their beds. Start a list today... take a quiet moment to reflect. It's not always easy, but with practice it can become natural. Here are a few things I am have a Gratitude Attitude for today:

Pumpkins Diet Coke Contact Lenses so I can see :) Mountains and hiking Love from my Parents Friends that are here for me if I need them

Husband :) Insulated water bottles (cold water!) Hot showers Yummy smelling candles Cinnamon Rolls You get the idea. Once you start you can keep going and going!


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