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Nature Heals


Nature heals

At our very cores we are connected to the earth. Our ancestors lived in close connection to the land, sea, plant and animal life.

We listen to sounds of ocean waves, babbling streams, gentle rain, thunderstorms, and tropical forests to lull us into sleep and relaxation.

I recently reminisced memorable scenes from my early childhood, reminding me lit me up and brought me joy. I would run barefoot and wild on my Uncle's farm. I recall the mud squishing between my toes, the scratchy roughness of corn stalks, and discovering skeletal remains inside a found owl's pellet.

This week, on a particularly warm and sunny day, I sat in my backyard and looked out at the view of grassy fields, blue skies, and rugged foothills. I laid back in the grass and took a moment to feel the sun on my skin, the movement of air over my body, and the dry grass under my legs. The moment allowed me to connect, relax, and let go of some anxiety and worry.

We are a part of nature, and it truly can heal our souls. Studies have shown that exposing ourselves to the early sun in the morning, and the setting sun in the evening can help cure insomnia, reset our internal clocks, energize us, and even help cure depression. Interacting with nature can reduce stress, lift our moods, and help us connect with others.

Make a goal to increase your time outside; go for a walk or a bike ride, spend some extra time in nature and see if you don't feel it's healing power!


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